Ronnie's Awesome Self One. Ronnie's Awesome Self Two. The Devil Woman. The Real Devil Woman.

My name is Ronnie Higgins. I was one half of the now defunct mixed doubles duo, R&R. Last summer, Reanna left because she was fed up with me not sticking up for her when people pronounced her name like the singer. You're probably asking yourself why even include a photo of her in the header of this website. Mouse over it, ha! 

You could consider yourself lucky. Just like Shakespeare should for being born at the crest of 18th century London's literary movement. Had my partner stuck around you wouldn't be so lucky to be able to pick me, Ronnie Higgins, for this opportunity. 


  • Once beat Andy Roddick's 2004 fastest serve speed by one mile per hour, but no one was there to see it.
  • Once made out with Billie Jean King at a rooftop party.
  • Played a match with Michael Phelps. He said he was a swimmer, but I think he is secretly a tennis shark because he beat the piss out of me.
  • There is more, but we can talk all about it when we practice for - well whatever goals you might have in mind for this future duo of excellence.
  • On the side, I do dabble in creative advertising. You should check out my stuff at

My Racket

The Shot Maker Junior 25.

I use a Dunlop Shot Maker Junior 25. It is my secret weapon.

The weight allows my swing to glide through the air like a dolphin in the water at Sea World.

This fake $5 price tag is key to winning.

I put this $5 price tag on it, so that people will think that I put I bought it at a garage sale. This catches them off guard when it allows me to run them into the ground in a match.

This racket was made in China, but is designed by Americans

As you can see from this photo, it was made in China. If you believe that, the HA!

It was actually manufactured in the U.S.A.